The Regional Innovation Strategy of the Pilsen Region has defined four priority fields, the so-called domains of intelligent specialization, in which the Pilsen Region already plays an important international role, and which may represent a significant factor in its future economic competitiveness. The focus on carefully identified priority domains is geared toward creating the best possible combination of players and activities involved which have the greatest chance of unlocking the innovation and transformation potential in each field.

As a basis for the region?s identity and uniqueness the Pilsen Region supports the systematic development of four sector priorities.

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Priority areas of change

The Pilsen Region has created an innovation platform for each sector, connecting experts and specialists from universities, research centres, and the commercial sector, as well as regional political representatives. Participation in the platforms is open to other interested parties from the region who wish to contribute to the development of the field, both in terms of education and research and applications in the commercial sphere.

The analytical and strategic section of the strategy outlines a vision for research, development, and innovation in the Pilsen Region until the year 2035, defining the main areas where change is necessary.


Human resources for research, development, and innovation

Acquiring sufficient, outstanding human capital

Better conditions for research, development, and innovation

Developing relationships and infrastructure


Increasing the capacity of research institutions and supporting the practical utilization of their results


Developing innovation strategies in various sectors


Promoting the region´s brand through research, development, and innovation

Four priorities of the Pilsen region

New materials

Smart manufacturing systems

Smart mobility

Biomedicine and technology in healthcare

Organization and management of the Regional Innovation Strategy

Council for research

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text of the defined strategy.