Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems domain depends mainly on research and development carried out at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia and the NTIS (New Technologies for Information Society) center, but also on research carried out at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the RTI (Regional Technological Institute) center. Its outcomes have a strong potential for application both in companies that are linked to the region’s traditional industry and in new innovative small and medium-sized companies. New technologies in the field of digitization, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. increase companies’ efficiency and improve their competitiveness.

● Intelligent diagnostics and maintenance

● Intelligent production management

● Embedded intelligence

● Big data

● Neural networks and machine learning

● Models, management, trends, predictions using AI

● Sensors, sensor control technology


We can see all these as part of Industry 4.0, which uses neural networks, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality and data analytics in predictive systems and focuses on the development of embedded systems. All of this is geared towards intelligent production facilities as a way to ensure better efficiency and flexibility.