The region is home to well-equipped research centers with a particular focus on research in materials, IT, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and biomedicine. There are over a hundred scientific, research and development teams working in the Pilsen Region, spread across the faculties, institutes and scientific departments of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen. Linkages with the private sector have brought the teams many awards on the international level as well. The Pilsen Region supports innovative enterprises, creating a favorable environment for the establishment of new innovative companies and the development of existing ones. All of this is complemented by quality advisory services, a constantly developing infrastructure and interesting offers for investors


150 years of innovative industrial approach

144 R&D centers, mostly in business sector

5.1 billion in funds allocated for R&D

University research centers

Both universities operate cutting-edge research centers. These are the Biomedical Centre of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen, NTIS - New Technologies for Information Society, RICE - Regional Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering, RTI - Regional Technological Institute and NTC - New Technologies. Student and research teams collaborate on interdisciplinary and international projects within EU grant projects, cross-border cooperation, and their own projects.


Research Institutions

There are highly equipped corporate research centers, focusing mainly on materials, IT, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and biomedical research. The institutions responsible for the economic growth of the region contribute to the development of a favorable business environment through a range of forms of support. There are 120+ R&D centers in business sector in the Pilsen Region. And thanks to the orientation towards technical disciplines at both high school and university level, there are employees with above-average skills in the region.

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