Many traditional strong industrial plants, innovative companies, and major university institutions with successful research centers are located in the Pilsen Region. They all benefit from a 150-year tradition of innovative approaches that have set trends and shaped global industry. The Pilsen Region supports innovative enterprises, creating a favorable environment for the establishment of new innovative companies and the development of existing ones. All of this is complemented by quality advisory services, a constantly developing infrastructure and interesting offers for investors.



Innovative companies

The Pilsen Region continues to improve its ecosystem for supporting innovative business. Start-ups, growing and SME companies are advised by businesses with a high reputation in this area. From dozens of companies located in our region, we present a selection of those that are proud local patriots and contribute to the improvement of our region.

Supporting Services & Advisory Institutions

The Pilsen Region offers cutting-edge infrastructure in the form of research facilities, science and technology parks or co-working centers, as well as supportive acceleration and incubation programs, consultancy, or direct financial support. These services and institutions aim at international companies looking for a research partner, university graduates wanting to develop their successful research outcome, innovators with the perfect idea for a start-up, researchers who need space for applied research, or companies with the potential to expand and grow.



Industrial tradition

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