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The research organization based in Dobřany near Pilsen specializes in research and development of promising new metallic and other materials, as well as the methods and technologies of their processing. It also provides operational services in research and development, such as computer modeling, software development, design, production of prototypes and samples for testing, material expertise, and tests.

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Řež Research Center

The Řež Research Center focuses on research, development, and innovation in the field of energy, especially (but not exclusively) nuclear power. Thanks to the Sustainable Energy Investment Project (SUSEN), CVŘ has significantly expanded its research infrastructure in recent years. The premises are located near the University of West Bohemia and include laboratories for materials research in nuclear and conventional power engineering, and a non-destructive testing laboratory that performs inspections of metallic materials, concrete structures and nuclear fuel, and designs and manufactures its own robotic manipulators. The laboratory is also equipped with a world-unique facility, HELCZA (High Energy Load CZech Assembly), which is used to test the first wall panels of the ITER thermonuclear reactor, which are designed to transfer heat from plasma of temperatures up to 150 million C° to the reactor’s primary coolant. The laboratory is also equipped with the S-ALLEGRO helium loop, which is used for experimental testing of a high-temperature helium-cooled fast reactor ‒ one of the Generation IV reactors.

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Pilsen Research and Testing Institute

Founded over 115 years ago, the Pilsen Research and Testing Institute focuses on applied research and development in the field of metallic and non-metallic materials for the energy industry, mechanical engineering, construction of rail vehicles, and aviation. The company operates one of the most comprehensive research facilities in Europe in the field of industrial research and development of hot spray technology applications, as well as Cold Spray technology. It also conducts life cycle testing of oversized structures and specializes in the application of advanced data science methods in industrial diagnostics.

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