Pilsen is full of wonderful opportunities

Maryna Demianenko comes from Ukraine, from the Ukrainian-Russian border. The Academic Career project brought her to Pilsen a few years ago. She completed an internship at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia, so when her homeland was invaded by Russia, she headed here again. She devoted herself to the mathematical modeling of tasks related to heat transfer and fluid flow. Today she works at Škoda Doosan.

“The biggest difference between working in academia and in an industrial company is that in a factory you have an exact schedule of when you have to do what. You can teach again at the university. And in the company, you definitely need to know the language. I don't see any other differences," she says with a laugh.


What can you say in Czech already?

I´m learning Czech, so I understand quite well and can speak a little. I know a lot of verbs, but the big problem for me is conjugation. And also professional terminology. Because when I studied in Ukraine, I studied or wrote articles mainly in English. But Czech is beautiful!

Similar to Ukrainian. Or Russian.

More like Ukrainian. My favorite example is that in Ukrainian we say káva. It is also called káva  in Czech. But in Russian it's coffee. Both languages have many similar words, but I think learning Czech is the right decision.

How did you get along with the Czechs? Were they treating you differently before than now, in times of war?

A lot has changed. We were all scared, we suddenly had other topics to talk about. But overall, Czechs are nice and friendly. They also understand my language problems.

What do you think Pilsen offers to people who come here for work and for a new stage of life?

Pilsen is an industrial city and I found many interesting opportunities for my work in the field of numerical simulations and calculations. People working in technical fields can find employment here, for example, at Škoda Doosan, Škoda JS, and many other wonderful and interesting companies.

What did you actually know about Škoda company before you came to Pilsen?

When I was here on an internship, we went on an excursion to Škoda Doosan. I remembered everything then, and then it came in handy during the interview with the HR lady. I knew that Škodovka was founded by Emil Škoda, that it was the largest factory in the Czech Republic, which had many plants with different specializations, so it produced practically everything.

How do you live in Pilsen? How do you spend your free time, what places did you like, and which Czech food do you like?

Pilsen as such is a great city: neither big nor small. Life here is not too hectic and rushed. You can do whatever you want here. I spend time with friends. We like to play billiards, ping-pong and other games. Or we go on an excursion to a brewery or to the Pilsen Underground.

Do you like Pilsner beer?

Yes. For my scientific supervisor back home in Ukraine, pilsner beer was the best in the world.

On the other hand, what do you miss in Pilsen or the Pilsen Region? What would you change or improve here?

I think everything is great here. And many things remind me of Ukraine. Only one thing is unpleasant here in the Czech Republic. When you are here on a standard visa, you have to go to integration courses where you will learn a lot of important and useful information. However, with my visa, I´m not included in any such courses and I´m missing that information.

Would you like to integrate more into Czech society?

Yes. I would like to have an overview of things such as insurance, rental contracts, and the like.

How long do you plan to live in the Czech Republic?

I don't know that at all. It depends on a lot of things. I like it here and I enjoy the work I do. On the other hand, I have family and friends in Ukraine. So whenever someone asks me this question, I say I don't know because anything can happen.

If a friend of yours from Ukraine asked you: I have the offer to work or study in Pilsen. Should I accept it? What would you say to him?

I would say: You have to! It's a great idea! Especially for people in technical fields, this is a great choice.